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Think 360 video booths are just for the rich and famous? Think again.

What once was exclusively at award shows can now be brought to your next event! You read that right. You can get an elevated, motorized 360 video platform and have your guests strike a pose, capture their entire look — head to toe, front to back — and get high-quality videos fast.

So How Does it Work?

Our dedicated team of (2) on-site attendants arrive 2 hours early and set everything up so that we are ready for you and your best angles at the start time. We have found that a portrait orientation is optimal, and captures you from stunning head to toe. Once ready, you can carefully step on the platform. Our robust LED platform is 36" in diameter and can fit about 4-5 people. Watch your toes! A motorized arm revolves around you at the click of a remote, filming a 360-degree slow-motion HD video in 120 frames per second. The camera will go through about 3-4 revolutions before it stops so you'll have a few chances to strike your best moves as the camera comes around. This process goes by quick and takes about 8-12 seconds. Wait for the rotating arm to stop and then carefully step off. You can now view the final product with song and custom design overlay before sharing it with yourself via email, text, or even airdrop (our fave and by far the most efficient!). There you have it, a 20mb video file in your phone ready to view and share with friends. 

Past Events

LED Dance Floor Platform

Hotel Indigo in Downtown Los Angeles, CA
360 LED Booth, LED Dance Floor, Inferno Flames 
Silk City, Dua Lipa - Electricity feat. Diplo, Mark Ronson 

Physician's Annual Gala 

Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach in Dana Point, CA 
360 LED Booth, Red Carpet
Harry Styles - As It Was 

USA Track & Field Activation 

UCLA Drake Stadium in Los Angeles, CA
360 LED Booth
Queen - We Are the Champions 

Baraka Fundraiser for Global Refugees

Mateo & 7th Gallery in Los Angeles, CA
360 LED Booth, Red Carpet
Bob Sinclair - World Hold On

Deaf Nation World Expo

Paris Hotel Chateau Rooftop in Las Vegas, NV
360 LED Booth, LED Dance Floor, Inferno Flames 
Wawa's World - Loud!

Cycle for Survival Activation

Central Park in New York, NY
360 Booth, Custom Branded Wrap
Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk 

360 Videos are the New Photo Booth

Photos are still cool but videos are what’s hot these days. From Tiktoks to Reels, it’s no secret that videos are having a moment. And what’s the latest cutting-edge video technology? A spinning device that circles around you to capture your pose and look in its entirety. So whether it’s the sexy back of a cocktail dress or new Air Force sneakers, rest assured the 360 video booth provided by GC Photo Booth will do any outfit justice.

What makes our 360 video booths stand out from all others? 

Ultimate personalization.png

Ultimate personalization. Stay on brand with your event and/or logo with:

  • Overlays – our design team can create custom static or animated overlays to give your videos a special touch. If you’re hosting a winter wonderland party, we can add snow falling to your videos. 

  • Soundtrack – add music intros and outros so viewers can jam out while looking at videos.

  • Custom content — add your event name, date, location and hashtag to videos so guests can always remember your event

Fun Props.png

Fun Props

you name it, we got it. From bubble wands to cash guns, we’ve got thousands of props that can be used to spruce up your videos. We’ll even help you come up with custom-designed props to go with your specific party theme.

​High Quality.png

High-Quality Videos 

access the industry’s best video equipment out there for HD/Full HD videos. We shoot in a frame rate of 120fps to get crystal clear slo-mo videos. No potato quality here.

Social Media Sharing.png

Social Media Sharing

videos are immediately sent to your guests through text or Airdrop, making it easy for them to share on their social media accounts — Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and OnlyFans (hey, no judgment!) ​

Popular 360 LED Booth Customizations

1. LED Dance Floor.jpg

LED Dance Floor Platform

Choose Any Song

1. 360 Booth Custom Branded Wrap1.jpg

Custom Branded Wrap

LED Dance Floor

Our newest LED Dance Floor is a hit for any party. You can have an 8'x8' set up underneath your 360 Booth for an extra hit or just rent a 20'x20' floor for a party. What other creative ways can this LED programmable floor be used for? You let us know! 

LED Dance Floor.png

Book a 360 video booth for your next event

While there may not be a red carpet, your guests will have a blast posing like celebrities in our 360 video booth. Bring the WOW factor to your next event, book with GC Photo Booth today! Contact us [email] or [intake form] and we’ll guarantee your event will be worthy of Hollywood status!





Let the creative juices flow

as your guests create your personalized Scrapbook. Fully equipped with stickers, glue sticks, pens, and paper.



Pick backgrounds of your choice and see what happens when you let your guests run wild with their imagination.



Email and text your photos. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friendly as well.



Let the creative juices flow

as your guests create your personalized Scrapbook. Fully equipped with stickers, glue sticks, pens, and paper.



Allow our Designer to brand your event with a Custom Backdrop printed on Fabric or Vinyl.



We’ll piece together your photos in succession and bring it to life.



Photo? Video? DJ? We got your event covered from A to Z with our unstoppable staff.



Let the creative juices flow

as your guests create your personalized Scrapbook. Fully equipped with stickers, glue sticks, pens, and paper.

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