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We Get the Party Started

A good DJ is one of the most important things you need to create the desired vibe, entertain, and keep your guests rocking on the dance floor at your event. Whether you are getting married, planning a corporate event, or just looking to celebrate something special with loved ones, a good event DJ can make the difference between a good and bad event! Setting the tone for your event and making sure that you and your guests are entertained can be made possible by hiring a good DJ. Our event DJ teams will work with you to deliver a perfect playlist that your guests will rock.

Why We're Different

why we're different

When you contact us, you have already taken an important step towards making your event perfect. And why shouldn’t it be? 

  • With our experience and customer-friendly team, we promise an event you won’t soon forget!

  • Our squad of Disc Jockeys are carefully selected, and trained to be the best!

  • Our DJ will work closely with you to understand exactly the kind of vibe you and your guests would like at your event.

  • Our pricing is straight-up and cuts through the clutter of different kinds of events. Our pricing is flexible and affordable with so many added features based on your preference.

    We will help you make that big day unforgettable and stress-free. Contact us to book an appointment with us. Our teams of experts are available to plan with you in making your event memorable.

All DJ Packages Include



2 speakers

2 Speakers

wireless mic

Wireless Mic

music selection

Music Selection

dance floor lighting

Dance Floor Lighting

guaranteed good time

Guaranteed Good Time

Event Lighting

Event lighting is a great way to add a special touch to any event. With LED Lighting technology, you have a vast array of colors to choose from that can help set the perfect tone for your next event and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Uplights are perfect for highlighting and showcasing features such as trees or architecture, making them stand out and creating drama. Uplighting is not only effective but also cost-efficient: it can be used indoors or outdoors and is an easy way to transform any space.

Include a Custom Gobo or Monogram and put an additional touch on the event. These lighting designs are customized and brand your event. Must be ordered within 2 weeks prior to the event.

LED Dance Floor Rental

LED dance floors have become very popular and can be found at events in luxurious hotels, retail stores, hospitals, corporate lobbies, theaters, and night clubs, as well as residential settings. LED dance floors can instantly change the mood of an event and create a truly unique experience for your guests. Our LED dance floors can be placed onto various types of surfaces, allowing infinite combinations of layout patterns, colors, etc. Check out the videos below to see some of our LED dance floors in action! Whether you're looking to add a touch of class to your next event or want to create a one-of-a-kind party experience, LED dance floors are the perfect solution.

Looking for an MC?

Event MC’s are highly skilled in managing entertainment as a host at a variety of events. They keep your event going in the desired direction, establish a tone for the event, and provide a feeling of community. The larger the number of guests, the more important the services of an MC become. A DJ alone often cannot give the crowd the attention that it needs and will need an MC to assist them. Hiring an MC is the best way to ensure that your event is successful and that your guests have a great time. Contact Us and we can get you speaking to some of our options right away. 


Additional Services + Features

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