Meet The Team


We'd like to think of ourselves as Super Hero Photographers- well versed in the language and settings of Photography but also mightily ​​equipped with Super Hero powers to simultaneously manage your event, charm your guests, and in some cases even fight crime.

GC Photo Booth Arthur


Arthur’s enthusiasm knows no bounds and his willingness to share good vibes never discriminates. At events, “The Barbarian” spiritedly interacts with all of the guests and makes sure to high five them whenever a striking photo is taken.

GC Photo Booth Valerie


GC’s very own sweetheart. Baby Valerie is as lovable as they come and guests are lucky to be graced by her charm. Valerie is a staunch supporter of helping others, caring for the environment, and loves the outdoors.

GC Photo Booth Bonnie


Always smiling and full of sunshine, flowers and life literally blossom around Bonnie in her garden. Aside from being a Botany expert, she is the consummate artist, promoter of sustainability, and bakes some delicious cookies.

GC Photo Booth Roger


Avid Drummer. Photographer/Videographer. Tech Expert. Joker Extraordinare. Roger might even have more fun at your event than your guests will so beware because his personality can be contagious.

GC Photo Booth Desiree


A social butterfly with the best of them and Jack of many trades from the heart of Brooklyn, Desiree has an endearing soft spot for animals, can name every song on a road trip, and is a connoisseur of craft beer and soup dumplings.

GC Photo Booth Harris


With his matching bow tie and sweet personality, Harris is always accommodating to guests and melts them with his genuine personality. When he’s not making people smile at events, he’s researching Cruise lines and tending to his flowers.

GC Photo Booth Daniel


Daniel can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. At events, he is often found engaging guests in stimulating conversation. Daniel is as reliable as they come and only uses that winning smile for the good of mankind.

GC Photo Booth Nathan


A raging atom sure to take your event to another orbit, Nathan always goes the extra mile to make sure his guests are thrilled. In his free time, he loves to dance, hike, impact others in a meaningful way, and paint the sky full of lights.