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Blast Off with the GIF Booth Feature

A GIF Booth rental is similar to a traditional photo booth in that it can generate animated GIF files from the photos taken in the booth! Our GIF Booth is the spark that ignites a socially connected party. It is mounted in a stand-alone space-saving kiosk made of stunning laser-cut bamboo. Your guests will take a series of photos to create an animated GIF, which they will email or post on the spot, making it ideal for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

What is a GIF Booth?  

When it's time for a celebration, the GIF Photo Booth is the perfect addition to any event. Our amazing little machine will mesmerize your guests with cool graphics  and even fun sounds that can be integrated. It can take 3 or 4 looping photos or short bursts of video to create your own instant GIFs. It’s super fun to use and even easier to share to your phone via email and text.

GIF Booth Rental

Traditional GIFs vs. Boomerang GIFs

GIF booths are a great way to liven up any party or event! With the GIF booth, there is a choice between Boomerang GIFs and the traditional GIF animations. Boomerang GIFs are perfect for those delightful mischievous moments--think blowing kisses to the camera or a high five that never ends. They capture more frames and as such, have a smoother output. Meanwhile, the traditional GIF is more choppy, but still fun. Whichever route you go, the experience is sure to surprise, delight, and amaze guests of all ages! See examples below between the traditional vs. boomerang gif:

Traditional GIFs 

Boost your mood

Boomerang GIFs

Boost your mood

GIF Booth Features
The GIF Booth's entertaining features are video-based, such as boomerangs and GIFs, and thus cannot be printed. We could only print single shots, and we prefer the open booth quality prints over the GIF booth prints. While this booth does not print, you can customize the image template; for example, we can do a polaroid style or a square format to add more customized features.

GIF Booth Backdrops

Do you have a plan for your event's theme? No problem if you don’t have one! We will work with you to match our photo booth background to your theme. Just make sure to bring it up before the event! We have a variety of backdrops to choose from, so you may be able to find one that meets your needs without having to customize one.

The GIF Booth Inspires Creativity 

GIF photo booths will encourage guests' creativity at any event. Your guests will compete to see who can capture the best GIF photo. This will inspire your guests to come up with creative ways to take photos.

This can be used as a fun icebreaker at your upcoming corporate event, if you're thinking how to spice up your next party.

This innovative technology adds a fresh experience that most people can only imagine. For many years, the images we shared with one another were in 2D albums and initially monochrome and white. This GIF Photo Booth is a real-life fantasy.
In addition to ensuring that your celebration is a success, GC Photo Booth wants to ensure that your guests never forget how much fun they had. Unsure of how it all operates? Well, don't worry- our experts and attendants are informed and qualified to assist with any issues that may arise. The GIF Photo Booth will be put up, run, and taken down by an attendant at your event. Please feel free to scroll down to learn more about the installation and operation of these special booths.

How it Works

  1. Select GIF feature on our website. We even create a custom overlay for it.

  2. Our Attendant shows up 90 minutes before start time to set everything up

  3. Look for our set up at your event 

  4. Take your photos: Stand in front of the booth and do your thang. When done, our system will automatically do its thang and piece together the GIF.

  5. Share your GIF: Save and share your GIF to your phone, email and social media. It actually saves as an MP4 for easy sharing and viewing on social media.

What It Includes

Delivery set up

Delivery/Set Up

on site attendant

On Site Attendant

unlimited sessions

Unlimited Sessions

Back Drop


Built in software

Built in Software

professional lighting

Professional Lighting


Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some reviews:

4. LED Floor Dance-party-losangeles-gcphotobooth6.jpg

CEO, Matix | Huntington Beach, CA

I am blown away by the GC GIF Photo Booth! I have always loved taking photos and this is the newest and coolest thing in photo booths that I have seen. I love how easy it is to make the photo booth gifs, and how they can be branded with my company logo.

4. LED Floor Dance-party-losangeles-gcphotobooth6.jpg

Father of Birthday Girl | Los Angeles, CA

 I love the GIF feature. It was such a blast to use at my daughter’s birthday party. It was so easy to create and share the images with all of our friends! They loved it too!

4. LED Floor Dance-party-losangeles-gcphotobooth6.jpg

30th Birthday Party | Irvine, CA

GC Photo Booth was a huge hit at our party. We have seen so many people posting their Photos and GIFs on social media since they are such a great deal of fun and easy to share. The GIF feature gave us tons of laughs.

Additional Services + Features

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