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Experience the thrill of our GC Photo Booth with 360 Trackstar Video Activation.


Step Into the Next Big Thing in Event Activations

As the event industry evolves, staying ahead of trends isn't just a luxury—it's essential. And what's making waves right now? The unparalleled Trackstar 360 experience. Early adopters are already making headlines, captivating attendees, and amplifying their event impact. It's not just about capturing moments; it's about creating memories that attendees won't stop talking about.

Don't let your event be just another date on the calendar. Make it iconic with GC Photo Booth’s 360 Trackstar Video Activation.

Imagine the buzz, the shares, the heightened brand engagement. Picture your event being the benchmark for all others. That's the Trackstar 360 effect.

The 360 Trackstar Booth Distinction

Navigating through the multitude of event activations can be daunting. But, in a world where first impressions are often the lasting ones, distinguishing your experiential marketing campaigns and brand from the crowd becomes paramount.

Enter Trackstar 360, an embodiment of innovative distinction.

Designed for Grandeur:

Unlike standard booths which limit participant numbers, Trackstar stands in a league of its own. The 8' variant comfortably houses 10+ attendees, whereas our expansive 13' edition accommodates over 15 individuals. No more waiting turns, no more leaving anyone out; encapsulate entire groups in one mesmerizing moment.

Dual Capturing Capability:

Photos capture a moment; videos narrate a story. Why choose when you can have both? With Trackstar, every significant moment morphs into a dynamic memory. Freeze time with a photo or let it flow with a video—empower your attendees with choice.

Seamless Brand Integration:

In the world of marketing, brand visibility is key. Every clip, every photo taken at the Trackstar booth becomes a canvas for your brand's identity. With our seamless brand integration by crafting customized backdrops around the loop and settings that accentuate your brand, delivering an enduring, interactive brand engagement and ensuring that every shared memory carries your insignia.

Unforgettable Moments in the 360 Trackstar Booth - Your GC Photo Adventure
Step Inside the GC Photo Booth - The 360 Trackstar Experience

360 Trackstar Video Activation Premier Offerings

Every event is unique, marked by its attendees, ambiance, and purpose. With Trackstar 360, we ensure that each activation mirrors this individuality, elevating the experience for everyone involved.

Customized Experience

It's your event, your narrative. Music serves as the backdrop to our most cherished memories. With Trackstar, you're not restricted to generic tunes. Choose the rhythm that aligns with your event's mood, making every video not just a recap but a poignant reminder of the atmosphere. Your music, your moments - immortalized forever.

Instant Sharing

For creating a buzz on the internet, the attendees can share their clips instantly. And they no longer have to wait for days to relive memories. With Trackstar's instantaneous sharing capabilities, they won't have to wait. Whether it's an Email, Text, or Airdrop, moments captured are moments shared, instantly with 360 trackstar video activation, leaving an indelible mark on viewers, amplifying engagement and shareability.

Props Extravaganza

While memories are made of moments, it's the details that make them memorable. We also offer our custom props and an extensive range of props, curated for diverse themes. Whether it's a corporate event or a whimsical party, our props ensure every picture and video stands out, making attendees not just participants but stars of the show.

A Glimpse of Our Best 360 Trackstar Video Activations

GC Photo Booth's 360 Trackstar Video Activation has left an indelible mark on countless events. Our mission goes beyond mere service; we aim to revolutionize experiences, one event at a time. Here, we share a few highlights that truly embody the essence of our offerings:

Why Partner With GC Photo Booth For Your Brand Activation?

In the evolving realm of experiential marketing, GC Photo Booth emerges as the beacon of distinction. Aligning with us for your 360 Trackstar Video Activation ensures not just a service, but a transformative experience. Here's why partnering with GC Photo Booth makes impeccable business sense:

Pioneers in Innovation –  At the forefront of technological advancements, we champion innovative approaches that set trends, not follow them. Our commitment to cutting-edge tools and techniques ensures your event stands out, creating a lasting impression.

Tailored to Perfection – Understanding that no two events are the same, we emphasize customization. From the ambient music to branding aesthetics, we ensure each element resonates with your brand ethos, delivering a cohesive and impactful experience.

Insightful Data-Driven Strategy— Our Video Activation is twofold: crafting immersive experiences and deriving actionable insights. Through on-site data collection and post-event analytics, we offer a clear view into audience preferences, engagement trends, and marketing impact. With tools like event-specific hashtags and Google Analytics tracking, we ensure you grasp the true essence of your activation's success.

Holistic Service Approach Our service mantra is comprehensive care. From conceptualization to execution, every phase is handled with unmatched professionalism. With GC Photo Booth, you're not just acquiring a service; you're investing in a partnership.

Flexible Rental Solutions Our adaptive rental model caters to diverse needs. Whether you're on tour, hopping from one city to another, or need our equipment for an extended period, we've got you covered. Easily transportable and requiring minimal oversight, our equipment is designed for hassle-free operations. 


And should you need support, our expansive network in major cities stands ready. Whether you prefer a complete hands-on approach, need assistance with setup, or even want the equipment shipped directly, our proficient teams ensure smooth operations, every time.

Our 360 Trackstar Video Activation has touched numerous events, and here's what some of our esteemed clients have to say:

"The 360 Trackstar Booth was a game-changer for our annual gala. Not only did it become the centerpiece attraction, but the memories it captured were beyond phenomenal. The custom music addition? Simply icing on the cake."

Olivia R. - Head of Marketing, Lifelong Care

Plan Your Brand Activation With Us

Connect with us now to explore how our cutting-edge 360 Trackstar video activations can align with your goals or to schedule an in-depth consultation.

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