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Custom Branded Enclosures

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Custom Branded Photo Booth Enclosures

In a landscape swarming with competitors, the urgency to stand out is real. 


A generic photo booth setup simply won't do justice to the story you're striving to tell. GC Photo Booth's custom enclosures offer an exclusive canvas to broadcast your brand's identity.

They offer an unmatched level of personalization and sophistication that generic setups can't compete with and serve as a sustainable and dynamic asset that enhances every aspect of your marketing mix.

Personalized Photo Booth Design for Weddings

Don't Miss Out on Branded Enclosures for your photo booths.

Distinct Advantages of GC Photo Booth's
Branded Enclosures

Our Custom Branded Photo Booth Enclosures are specifically designed to elevate your brand's profile and create a holistic user experience that resonates deeply. Here's how GC Photo Booth is revolutionizing brand activation:

360 Photo and Video Booth Integration

When a standard, GIF or a 360 Video Booth is coupled with our Custom Branded Enclosures, the impact is nothing short of transformative. Imagine attendees fully immersed in a 360-degree brand experience, capturing moments from every angle. Your brand doesn't just get viewed; it becomes a world attendees want to explore and share, multiplying the value of your activation exponentially.

Capturing Memories with the 360 Photo and Video Booth Integration

Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosures

When we say our inflatable photo booth enclosures are game-changers, we mean it. Customizable down to an inch, these inflatable structures are not just eye-catching; they're also incredibly easy to transport and assemble. Ideal for a variety of event types and locations, their lightweight design allows for hassle-free transportation without compromising on visual impact.

LED Photo Booth Enclosures

Picture this: a custom enclosure that not only showcases your brand but also glows with the brilliance of integrated LED technology. These enclosures light up to create atmospheric magic, adding another layer of engagement and making every photo pop. When it comes to creating memorable brand experiences, sometimes it's all about literally shining brighter than the rest.

 LED Photo Booth Enclosures with Colorful Lights
Vibrant LED-Enhanced Photo Booth for Events

Capturing Vogue with Our Sophisticated Enclosures

Sophistication and elegance aren't usually associated with photo booths, but our vogue photo booth enclosures are the exception. Tailored to exude class and intricacy, vogue photo booth led enclosures serve as luxurious backdrops that blend seamlessly with high-end brands and upscale events. Elevate the user experience from ordinary to editorial with an environment that feels like it was plucked right out of a fashion magazine.

Elegance in Every Click: Experience Our GC Photo Booth Enclosures
Strike a Pose: Unleash Your Inner Vogue with Our Interactive Photo Booth

How Can You Make An Impression With Custom Branded Enclosures?

Greater Engagement Offline

More Than A Photo Booth: An Offline Engagement Engine

In an age where digital connections often trump physical interactions, the tangible experience offered by our custom branded enclosures stands as an effective counterpoint. Whether it’s a corporate event, product launch or experiential marketing campaigns, these physical spaces become hotspots of genuine engagement. When people step into your branded enclosure, they are stepping into a world that embodies your brand, sparking conversations that no online ad could achieve.

Earned Media and Social Shares

Leverage the Viral Potential of User-Generated Content

In today's social media landscape, organic shares by satisfied customers are the new word-of-mouth. And what’s more shareable than a captivating video or photo taken in a uniquely branded environment? People aren't just more likely to share their photos and videos—they're excited to. Each share is an endorsement, a piece of earned media that amplifies your reach far beyond the event itself.

A Multi-Sensory Brand Experience

Engage All Five Senses for an Unforgettable Brand Impression

A truly impactful brand activation goes beyond visual appeal. With options for integrating audio cues, tactile elements, and even aromas, our custom enclosures can be designed to offer a full-sensory brand experience. It's not just about what attendees see; it's about how they feel, what they hear, and the memories they create.

Catch Our Custom Branded Enclosures—Recent Events That Made Waves

In the dynamic world of experiential marketing, actions truly speak louder than words. That’s why we’re thrilled to showcase some of the recent events where our Custom Branded Enclosures transformed ordinary brand activations into extraordinary sensory experiences.

Hear What Our Partners Say: Testimonials That Speak Volumes

Stephen - Marketing Lead, J&J
"Our experience with GC Photo Booth's Custom Branded Enclosures was nothing short of groundbreaking. The integration of our branding into the 360 Photo and Video Booth attracted substantial foot traffic and became the talk of the event. It wasn't just a photo booth; it was a monumental success in brand activation. I can wholeheartedly recommend GC Photo Booth to any organization looking to elevate their marketing game."

Our Successful Clients

Seize the Moment: Make Your Next Event
a GC Photo Booth Experience

In a world cluttered with forgettable brand interactions, stand out with an activation that people won’t just enjoy but will eagerly share. Turn your event from mundane to magical with GC Photo Booth's Custom Branded Enclosures. This isn't just another feature; it's a strategic investment that promises real engagement and valuable returns.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by; your brand deserves to be at the forefront of experiential marketing innovations. The time to act is now.

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