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10 Best Venues For Event Activation In Long Beach

In the ever-evolving landscape of brand marketing, location is pivotal. The right venue can transform a typical brand activation or event into a memorable experience that resonates with attendees long after it's over.

Long Beach, California, offers a variety of dynamic venues, each with its own unique vibe and potential for crafting engaging brand stories. Marketing agencies, take note: these venues are not just places, but platforms for powerful brand narratives.

The Hilton Long Beach isn’t merely a venue; it's a statement. Nestled within the business district and a mere four blocks from the beach, its location strikes a balance between the buzz of corporate activity and the serenity of California's coastline. Imagine an event where attendees can move from intensive strategy sessions to refreshing beachside breaks, all within minutes.

The expansive 30,905 sq. ft. of event space offers myriad possibilities, the crown jewel being the International Ballroom. With a capacity to host 1,400 guests, this space is a blank canvas for large-scale brand activations or exclusive corporate events. With the Hilton's dedicated events team at the helm, you can be assured that every detail, big or small, will be finely tuned to your brand’s narrative.

Given its spacious interiors, the Hilton Long Beach effortlessly accommodates both seated (850) and standing (1,400) configurations. Whether you're planning a product launch, a training seminar, or a networking mixer, this venue embodies flexibility. Moreover, its proximity to the beach allows for a unique blend of indoor conference sessions and outdoor breakout activities.

Positioned prominently in Long Beach's scenic landscape, the Ebell of Long Beach is a testament to architectural beauty and historical significance. Constructed in 1924, this venue has seen the city evolve, and today stands as a beacon of Southern California's rich history.

Distinctive for its Spanish-Revival design, the Ebell showcases a resplendent red-tile roof, ornate portico, and intricate sculptural elements that create a grand and inviting facade. Its rich architectural details serve as a striking backdrop for any event, ensuring that brand activations resonate with an aura of sophistication and timeless elegance.

The interiors do not disappoint either. The versatility of the Ebell is evident, accommodating both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. With a seating capacity of 250 and room for 425 standing guests, the Ebell presents brands with an opportunity to craft engaging activations that seamlessly blend with the venue's ambiance.

For marketers and agencies keen on creating a deep impact, the Ebell's historic charm provides a unique juxtaposition to modern brand narratives. Whether it's an immersive digital showcase, a luxury product launch, or an interactive seminar, this venue amplifies the experience, making brand stories unforgettable.

Strategically located and radiating undeniable charm, The Grand is not merely a venue—it's a statement. Serving as a sought-after destination for an array of events, from weddings to corporate gatherings, it presents a compelling platform for agencies looking to orchestrate impactful brand activations.

With a standing capacity of 460, The Grand provides ample space, facilitating interactions and ensuring your brand narrative reaches every attendee. Its neutral and versatile backdrop lends itself to a wide variety of themes and setups, enabling brands to fully realize their creative visions.

Beyond its structural allure, the essence of The Grand lies in its ability to seamlessly blend the gravitas of a classic venue with the dynamism of modern event strategies. For agencies focusing on experiential marketing, The Grand offers a harmonious blend of space, ambiance, and logistical feasibility.

Located in Long Beach, the Reef Restaurant is a hallmark of premier event spaces, designed to cater to events of every kind. Whether you're seeking a sophisticated indoor setting or the cool breeze of an outdoor patio, Reef Restaurant delivers it all, offering various rooms such as the Bay View Room, Garden Room, Howard Hughes, and the regal Queen Mary. But among its pantheon of spaces, two stand out for their sheer splendor and versatility, especially for brand and event activations.

Pacific Ballroom

The Pacific Ballroom is more than just an event space; it's an experience. As attendees step into this room, they are met with an expansive view, courtesy of its attached outdoor patio. The cozy fire pits add a warm ambiance, making evening events feel intimate and inviting.

Overlooking the Long Beach Harbor, the Pacific Ballroom offers a seating capacity for up to 250 guests, making it a preferred choice for brands seeking a blend of luxury and functionality. From weddings to corporate socials, this ballroom transforms every event into a landmark occasion.

Harborview Ballroom

As the pièce de résistance of the Reef Restaurant, the Harborview Ballroom lives up to its name by providing an unparalleled view of the water. Coupled with its grand foyer, this ballroom embodies luxury and offers seating for a whopping 350 guests.

Such a vast space does not merely cater to large numbers but ensures every individual feels a part of the event, making it an ideal choice for gala events, weddings, and significant brand activations. The panoramic view, combined with its spaciousness, makes it a front-runner for agencies aiming to leave an indelible mark on their audience.

Situated at the cultural heartbeat of downtown Long Beach, the Museum of Latin American Art, widely known as MOLAA, offers a setting steeped in history, art, and architectural prowess. As the only museum in the United States dedicated to featuring contemporary Latin American and Latino Art, it stands as a beacon of cultural significance.

But beyond its walls adorned with art, MOLAA seamlessly integrates the world of events. Whether it's the serenity of the outdoor Robert Gumbiner Sculpture Garden & Events Center or the versatility of the Viva room and other spaces, every corner of MOLAA tells a story. This unique setting presents a canvas for marketing agencies to paint their brand activations and event concepts, all against a backdrop of historical and artistic significance.

Positioned in the East Arts Village District, the museum offers a prime location, bridging the divide between Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Easy freeway access ensures that attendees can arrive with ease, while ample parking takes care of logistical concerns.

What's even more commendable is that proceeds from event fees are channeled back into the museum, supporting MOLAA’s exhibitions, programs, and cultural events. Hence, choosing MOLAA is not just a choice of venue but a contribution to the art world.

Located in the vibrant heart of downtown Long Beach, the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel stands as a testament to contemporary elegance and top-tier service. With a staggering 21,000 square feet of captivating event space, this venue offers marketing agencies a prime canvas to conceptualize and execute their brand and event activations.

From the onset, attendees will be struck by the hotel's sleek design and attention to detail, indicative of a space dedicated to ensuring a superior guest experience. Its expansive interiors are versatile, allowing for a multitude of setup configurations tailored to various event types, from high-powered corporate meetings to luxurious brand launches.

One of the key features that makes the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel a favored choice is its dedication to fostering a stimulating and productive meeting atmosphere. It's a space crafted to inspire and motivate, whether you're hosting a seminar, workshop, or a grand product unveiling.

Moreover, the hotel's strategic downtown location ensures attendees have easy access to a myriad of local attractions, dining options, and entertainment hubs, making for a comprehensive event experience. The convenience is further amplified by ample parking and transportation links, ensuring a smooth flow for all event logistics.

A cornerstone of architectural beauty, OVATION SQUARE, built in 1923, boasts a storied past intertwined with the growth and vibrancy of Downtown Long Beach. Designed by Paul Revere Williams, one of the few black architects of his time, this space has transformed over the decades, serving first as the headquarters for the Bank of Italy and later Bank of America. The design details, reflecting the rich history, are still evident, providing a unique character and charm to any event hosted here.

In 2004, embracing its structural grandeur, the space morphed into Vault 350, a renowned concert venue meticulously curated for live music experiences. Today, as OVATION SQUARE, the essence of its musical past can still be felt, making it a top pick for events aiming for a blend of nostalgia and contemporary ambiance.

With the capacity to host up to 1,000 attendees, the space offers multiple areas for event activation. The Mezzanine level and box lounge can be incorporated into your rental package, offering added flexibility. This area is versatile, suitable for a range of setups including formal dining, lounge areas, theatre-style seating, and even music concerts or movie screenings.

Commanding a significant footprint in Long Beach's vibrant downtown, the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center is more than just a venue; it's a testament to the city's commitment to being at the forefront of event hosting. With a staggering 400,000 square feet of adaptable meeting and exhibit space, this venue is engineered to accommodate events of virtually any scale, from intimate seminars to grand conventions and tradeshows.

The true beauty of the Center lies in its prime location. Event attendees will appreciate the convenience of having the city's attractions, dining, and entertainment options just a short stroll away. The fusion of the Center's modern amenities with the enriching cultural vibe of Long Beach ensures every event leaves an indelible mark on its participants.

Beyond its infrastructure, Long Beach itself acts as a backdrop to the Center. The city's harmonious blend of urban sophistication and beach resort relaxation offers a unique atmosphere. Boasting 345 sun-soaked days each year, every event turns into an opportunity for exploration. Dive deep into Long Beach's rich offerings, be it the mesmerizing beachfront or the bustling streets lined with historical landmarks and contemporary attractions.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the pulsating heart of downtown Long Beach, Hotel Maya is more than just a venue – it’s an experience waiting to be tailor-made for your brand. With a sprawling 30,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space, this venue masterfully integrates the ambiance of the waterfront with the sophistication of modern design.

The vast ballroom provides a panoramic view of the ocean, allowing brands to craft events that leverage the serene beauty of the waterscape. This setting is especially conducive for gala dinners, product launches, and corporate receptions. Can you imagine your brand story unfolding against the backdrop of a Pacific sunset?

Beyond just aesthetics, Hotel Maya is engineered for the modern marketer's needs. Their business center comes equipped with high-speed WiFi, a technical support team, and the latest A/V equipment, ensuring that your event narrative is presented without a glitch.

With a standing capacity of 800, the space is both intimate and expansive, adaptable to a range of event formats. For agencies that prioritize a seamless blend of beauty and functionality, Hotel Maya serves as an unparalleled choice. Whether you're setting up interactive kiosks, immersive VR experiences, or live product demos, this venue provides the ambiance and amenities to elevate every brand interaction.

The Scottish Rite Event Center's ballroom stands as a symbol of sophistication and versatility. Able to comfortably host up to 350 guests for dining, this expansive space is thoughtfully designed to cater to a variety of events. Whether it's an upscale gala, corporate dinner, or a personal milestone celebration, the ballroom adapts to your vision.

At the heart of the ballroom is its well-appointed stage, perfect for hosting keynote speakers, performers, or presentations. Complementing the stage is a spacious dance floor, inviting guests to let loose and enjoy the rhythms of the night.

Understanding the importance of personalization, the Center offers flexibility in decoration. You can bring your own preferred third-party decorator to tailor the space to your specific theme or choose to use the Center's trusted partners. Furthermore, catering is a breeze, with the option to use in-house services or your own preferred caterer.



A wide variety of venues, each with its own character and potential to make gatherings unforgettable, are available in Long Beach. There is a location perfect for any corporate event, from seminars to product launches to large-scale parties.

And after you've settled on the ideal location, GC Photo Booth's activation services will take things to the next level. Our team and expertise will make your company look great and make an impression on all of the guests. Are you prepared to elevate the quality of your event? Get in touch with GC Photo Booth today.

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