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Creating The Perfect Picture Overlay For Your Event

"Picture overlay adds depth, context, and emotions to visuals, transforming a mere image into a powerful storytelling tool, capable of conveying messages that words alone cannot"

When booking with GC Photo Booth, we work as a team to design a custom overlay that integrates your event date, theme colors, and design.

If you're envisioning a specific photo booth experience for your event, let GC Photo Booth bring it to life

What's an overlay?

An overlay is a unique design that is added on top of a printed photo. It includes things like logos, dates, and personal touches to make the picture unique. A photo print is the actual physical picture that you get on paper. The overlay can be customized to suit different occasions, whether it's a wedding, birthday, or any memorable event. It adds an extra layer of meaning and sentimentality to your cherished memories.

Are overlay designs important?

Yes Yes Yes! Overlays bring your photos to life! Also, a well-designed overlay helps build the aesthetic of your event. No one wants to see their favorite pictures displayed on a blank piece of paper. That's why it's essential to create a beautiful design that will have your guests shouting "Wow!"

How many overlay layouts can I choose from?

GC Photo Booth offers a variety of templates for your event. Each template is created to be unique for any event. With over nine different custom templates, picking the best template is now easier than ever! Our templates can be further personalized to match your event's theme and style perfectly. You may find the examples below:

Photo Booth Layout Options

Layout 1: This layout features a single 4x6 image with a range of customization options, including logos, names, and dates, to create a perfectly tailored result.

Layout 2: In this layout, four images have been combined into a 4x6 arrangement. It offers various customization options, such as logos, names, and dates, ensuring a flawlessly personalized outcome.

Layout 3: This layout combines four images into a 4x6 arrangement. With a variety of customization options available, it emphasizes customization by incorporating logos, names, and dates, resulting in a truly perfect design.

Layout 4: In this layout, four images are edited together in a 4x6 arrangement, accompanied by comprehensive customization choices. The addition of logos, names, and dates at the bottom or sides enhances the visual appeal of the pictures, making them truly stand out.

Layout 5 presents three images edited together, each duplicated in a 2x6 dimensional arrangement. The layout provides multiple customization options. To enhance the images further, logos, names, and dates are included at the bottom or sides, adding to their overall appeal.

Layout 6: Featuring four images edited together, each duplicated in a 2x8 dimensional layout, this design offers a range of customization options. By incorporating logos, names, and dates at the bottom or sides, the images are elevated to an impressive level.

Layout 7: This unique layout showcases four images edited together in a 4x6 arrangement. It offers a comprehensive set of customization options. The images are made more captivating by placing logos, names, and dates in the center of each picture.

Layout 8: Lastly, for those seeking to infuse aesthetics into their photo overlay, this 4x6 overlay is an ideal choice. It harmonizes the enchantment of aesthetics with the captivating power of three photos.

Photo Booth Custom Overlays

Want a Different Design? Don't worry we got it covered! GC Photo Booth works with our expert designers to create the perfect layout that matches the aesthetic and vibe of your next event. While the custom design possibilities are endless, we are here to help you create the best template for your event.

Key Features: The printer can output the following photo sizes: 2" x 6", 4" x 6", 6" x 8", 5" x 7". Both glossy and matte papers are available, with black and white images and glam filter effects also known as the Kim Kardashian Filter.


360 Booth Layouts

Discover More Options for Your Creativity: Our 360 Booth Provides Three Different Layouts - Portrait, Landscape, and Square - to Make Your Pictures More Interesting and Fun!


GIF Booth / TikTok Layouts

Make your TikTok or GIF booth moments truly exceptional with our diverse selection of overlays! Explore our collection of different stunning GC overlay options, each adding a touch of glamour to your content.


Video Testimonial Overlay

Enhance Your Video Testimonials with Flexible Overlay Choices! Opt for the Classic Look or Go Fully Custom with Horizontal Orientation and Your Choice of Plain Overlay or Custom Design. Plus, Choose between a Sleek Transparent Overlay or Craft Your Own Unique Custom Border.


Custom GIF Overlays VS Plain GIF Overlays

Elevate Your GIFs with Personalized Touches! Choose Between Custom and Plain Overlays to Add That Extra Flair and Individuality to Your Creations. Custom GIF overlays for a unique touch, while plain overlays keep it clean and straightforward.


Custom Animated Overlays

Whether you're sharing your brand's story, celebrating special moments, or simply expressing your creativity, a custom animated overlay breathes life into your visuals. It adds depth, emotion, and uniqueness, making your content stand out in a sea of the ordinary.


Contact us

For more information on GC Photo Booth and the services we offer, please Contact Us. We’d love to chat with you about your upcoming event and learn more about how we can accommodate you with your Photo Booth needs.

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