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5 Event Venues In Santa Monica That Leave an Impression.

Updated: Mar 1

In the picturesque beachfront city of Santa Monica, there’s no shortage of venues that offer a mix of ocean views, urban sophistication, and Hollywood glamor. Whether you’re dreaming of a sunset wedding reception, a private beach party, or a grand corporate event, here are 5 standout venues in Santa Monica that promise an unforgettable backdrop.

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Nestled on the Pacific's edge, the Santa Monica Pier stands as both a historic emblem and a versatile backdrop. Grand celebrations to intimate gatherings find their perfect stage here, especially at the Carousel—a timeless edifice offering a unique 3-hour event window.

Customize your experience, be it a birthday or luncheon, with your chosen decor, dishes, and delights. And brands, take note: hailed as LA’s most Instagrammed spot, the pier presents countless opportunities to engage and enchant a vast audience, making it more than just a location—it's an experience.

Tucked away atop Santa Monica's scenic bluffs, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows stands as an emblem of timeless elegance. Rich with history dating back to the 19th century and infused with Hollywood glamor, this urban resort offers more than a mere venue—it delivers an experience.

With over 64,000 square feet of versatile meeting and event space, the hotel can comfortably accommodate gatherings ranging from intimate groups of 20 to grand celebrations of 900 guests.

Event planners will be enamored by the diverse array of settings: from the city's largest ballroom to the cozy ambiance of The Library, each space exudes its own unique charm.

From sizable ballrooms to intimate settings like The Library, the hotel effortlessly marries history, luxury, and coastal charm, ensuring your event remains etched in memories.

Poised gracefully along the Pacific coastline, Viceroy Santa Monica emanates an allure that's been refined over its iconic 20-year history. The hotel's recent transformative touches have further elevated its appeal, making it an idyllic backdrop for both intimate celebrations and grand affairs.

Envision a beachside wedding, where the first steps of your marital journey are taken on the sands of Santa Monica and then celebrated in Viceroy's versatile indoor-outdoor spaces. The venue effortlessly adapts to your dreams—whether you're picturing a lavish reception or an intimate ceremony beneath the stars.

Beyond weddings, Viceroy Santa Monica shines as the premier destination for private events. With approximately 3,442 sq ft of event space, the possibilities are endless: from refined soirées to personal milestones.

Resting gracefully on the sun-kissed shores of Santa Monica, Shutters on the Beach embodies the very essence of California dreams. With every wave that gently laps at the coast, this venue whispers tales of timeless romance and elegance. As you step inside, its luxe interiors blend seamlessly with serene beachfront vistas, creating a setting that's both intimate and grand.

Every moment at Shutters feels like a sunlit dance between classic California charm and contemporary luxury. Whether it's the delicate clink of champagne glasses at a wedding reception or the joyous laughter echoing from private parties, events here are imbued with a unique magic. The horizon becomes your backdrop, the golden sands your aisle, and the endless ocean, a witness to your celebrations.

The Annenberg Community Beach House isn't just an event space; it's a canvas upon which every event paints its unique story. Located right where the ocean meets the sands, this venue boasts a generous 5-acre expanse, ensuring your event, whether small and intimate or grand and expansive, finds its perfect setting.

Imagine a backdrop punctuated by soft ocean breezes and mesmerizing views—this is what the Beach House offers. The venue's myriad spaces, ensuring every event, from weddings to executive presentations, is impeccably hosted. And the beauty isn't just skin deep; the modern coastal Californian design permeates through the venue, from the open courtyard to the intimate corners, setting a mood that's both relaxed and refined.

With the capacity to accommodate ceremonies for up to 130 and receptions for up to 150, the Annenberg Community Beach House offers flexibility in its indoor and outdoor spaces. And for those eyeing a grander event during the quieter months, the off-peak season brings forth the possibility of larger events, blending the best of both indoors and outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Santa Monica is more than just a beach town; it's a tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty. With such a vast array of venues available, every event can find its perfect setting in this coastal paradise.

Looking to plan your next big occasion? Reach out to our team for more insights on each venue.

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