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GIF Booth | GC Photo Booth

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Grab A Prop, Strike A Pose, And Have A Blast On GIF Booth

A GIF booth is similar to a traditional photo booth in that it can generate animated GIF files from the photos taken in the booth! Our GIF Booth is the spark that ignites a socially connected party. It is mounted in a stand-alone space-saving kiosk made of stunning laser-cut bamboo. Your guests will take a series of photos to create an animated GIF, which they will email or post on the spot, making it ideal for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

GIF Booth Props

The GIF Booth's entertaining features are video-based, such as boomerangs and GIFs, and thus cannot be printed. We could only print single shots, and we prefer the open booth quality prints over the GIF booth prints. While this booth does not print, you can customize the image template; for example, we can do a polaroid style or a square format to add more customized features.

GIF Booth Backdrops

Do you have a plan for your event's theme? No problem if you don’t have one! We will work with you to match our photo booth background to your theme. Just make sure to bring it up before the event! We have a variety of backgrounds to choose from, so you may be able to find one that meets your needs without having to customize one.

Encourages Creativity with GIF Booth

GIF photo booths will encourage guests' creativity at any event. Your guests will compete to see who can capture the best GIF photo. This will inspire your guests to come up with creative ways to take photos.

A Moment with GIF

We can use a specific point in your visitors' experience to make an entertaining 3D animation. The guests would be jumping, dancing, and tossing confetti while we use strategically positioned cams for a 180 ° angle. We will catch a brief moment of the action to create a shareable and original boomerang/GIF.

This can be used as a fun icebreaker at your upcoming corporate event, if you're thinking how to spice up your next party.

This innovative technology adds a fresh experience that most people can only imagine. For many years, the images we shared with one another were in 2D albums and initially monochrome and white. This GIF Photo Booth is a real-life fantasy.

The Party’s New Life

The GIF Photo Booth is exactly what our customers have been asking for. Many people imagine a photo booth as having just one camera. Using our innovative booth, we employ 7 cameras that are thoughtfully positioned to turn a single movement into a stunning, lifelike 3D image. You can now have them jump out at you in a picture instead of having to be content with a standard one. Additionally, if you'd like, you can add prints as an add-on so that your guests may take those pictures home with them at the conclusion of the evening.

In addition to ensuring that your celebration is a success, GC Photo Booth wants to ensure that your guests never forget how much fun they had. Unsure of how it all operates? Well, don't worry; our experts and attendants are informed and qualified to assist with any issues that may arise. The GIF Photo Booth will be put up, run, and taken down by an attendant at your event. Please feel free to scroll down to learn more about the installation and operation of these special booths.

Company 180 Photo Booth

Looking for a way to encourage your staff to relax and have fun at your upcoming corporate event? The GIF Booth will be perfect for the job. When they are at ease in their surroundings, they are more attentive and productive. You'll achieve that objective with the aid of this enjoyable supplement. Individuals will be allowed to pose, enjoy themselves, and make some wonderful memories while still having a connection to their line of work. It is advantageous for your company to keep things running smoothly if you can get all of your staff on the same page.

All you need to do to add a GIF Booth to your event is get in touch with GC and let us do the rest, which will free up your time and help you relax.

Creative Ideas For GIF Photo Booth

We will discuss how to personalize your experience. You might be wondering what kind of fun a GIF Photo Booth can provide for your visitors. Well, here are some suggestions. We are available to assist you in creating the ideal experiences for both you and your visitors. Each photograph will be precisely what you are searching for, whether it be kicks in the air or dodging away from the way of something. Your visitors can use props, just like with all of the other booths, to improve their photo experience.

Things To Think About When Customizing: ​

  • To start with, if you need help coming up with ideas for your event, give us a call. We can assist.

  • Is the event associated with any particular colors?

  • What attire should or will guests be asked to wear? The event theme can be improved by attire!

  • What is the theme of the event? Not certain You're covered by our selection of party themes.

  • Could certain items highlight your event more so than others?

  • We can use them as backdrop elements or even as props!

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