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How to Choose the Right Backdrop For Your Event.

The backdrop of a photo booth should never be underestimated because backdrops can change how your photos turn out. Likewise, backdrops play an essential piece in being the decorative element of your photo booth animation. With a selection of over 20+ backdrops, the choices are endless, which can make your decision-making process challenging. No worries, we are here to provide you with some helpful tips for choosing your backdrop. If you're ready to give your guests that unforgettable experience at your event, here are some photo booth backdrop ideas to get you started.

Coordinating with a theme

If you don’t know where to start, the first thing you can consider is coordinating with the theme of your event. For events that have a particular theme, choosing a backdrop that consists of similar color patterns and images can tie in your entire event together.

Here are some important factors to consider.

  • The colors of your event

  • The colors of the venue

  • If you would like to have images in the background

  • If you would like to have any words displayed in the background

  • your guests and their style.

  • The event style

  • Business opportunities (for corporate events)

Keep it simple

When in doubt, keeping it simple can be an easy alternative. It sounds boring, but many people prefer a plain backdrop for many reasons. For example, utilizing a plain white backdrop can act as a blank slate for your guests to dress up their photos on their own. Also, plain colors can provide an elegant look. Keeping it clean and crisp might be the easiest way to be worry-free about color clashing with clothing or even with props.

(Backdrops displayed: Classic white, grey, studio black, peach)

Most importantly, simple doesn’t have to be too plain. Simple sequin curtains provide that same aesthetic but give the backdrop some pizazz. The best part of sequin curtains is that they are amazing for any type of event. Here are some of our examples.

(Backdrops displayed: Silver sequin, black & gold sequin, rose gold sequin, white & gold sequin, gold sequin, black sequin)

Another great choice for a fun but not too simple look is our patterned backdrops!

(Backdrops displayed: black damask, pink damask, gray swirl, midnight sky, string lights, marble, flower wall print, brick wall)

Custom made backdrops

Too many options to choose from? A custom photo booth backdrop might be the best solution for you. Going custom allows you to focus on both the look and vibe you desire without anything clouding your vision.

A custom solution can be simple. For example, a color, cool patterns, textures, images, or even unique artwork designed specifically for your event! This way you're able to achieve the perfect backdrop for your photo booth experience. In the need of inspiration? Here are some examples.

Step & Repeat backdrop

A printed backdrop is perfect for a sponsored event! With the capabilities to display your logo and/or those of your partners, it will allow you to gain maximum visibility at your event and even spread awareness on social media. #hellyeah. Here are some examples.

Garden Hedge

Introducing one of our most popular backdrops is the infamous garden hedge. This 8ft x 8ft backdrop displays some of the most captivating images for a photo booth. One of the benefits of choosing this backdrop is the opportunity to hang objects on it. Flowers, signs, props, etc. Anything you would desire can be put up on the garden hedge.

Green Screen

A normal backdrop not cutting it? We have the perfect solution for you! Step into another world with your own custom green screen experience. Green screen capabilities provide users with the ability to generate any background of preference. Likewise, with a green screen, you can drop any image, pattern, or color into the background of your photos. Green screen technology has created a more immersive experience for our clients. I would say the world is the limit, but it’s not! Check out these awesome backgrounds.

Contact us

For more information on GC Photo Booth and the services we offer, please Contact Us. We’d love to chat with you about your upcoming event and learn more about how we can accommodate you with your Photo Booth needs.

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