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10 Breathtaking Venues for Events in New Jersey

The Garden State, New Jersey, renowned for its rich history and diverse landscapes, offers a plethora of venues that stand as testimonies to its allure.

From serene coastal backdrops to opulent estates, these venues provide settings that echo elegance, charm, and memories-in-the-making.

We have complied a list of top ten event venues in New Jersey that encapsulate the essence of this state's grand offerings and can elevate your event with their idyllic settings.

Tucked away down a wooded lane, past an antique steel bridge, one finds the majestic Ashford Estate, standing as a sentinel, flanked by lion-guarded gates. As you make your way through the captivating white stone drive, embraced by towering pines, the vast splendor of the estate unfolds.

Surrounded by endless acres of preserved farmland, The Ashford Estate is a tableau of natural elegance, boasting shimmering fountains, cascading waterfalls, and a quaint floating gazebo.

This is not just about nature's tapestry; the estate's architectural finesse shines through in structures like the ethereal Barn Chapel, the quaint Carriage House, and the regal Grand Ballroom.

With a suite of venues each bearing distinct architectural and aesthetic touches, it caters to the most discerning of tastes. Whether it's a dreamy wedding or an private gathering, The Ashford promises not just an event, but an unforgettable experience, weaving luxury and nature seamlessly.

Located in downtown Hoboken, at Riverview Historical Plaza, the Antique Loft offers an awe-inspiring panorama of the New Jersey and NYC skyline, extending from the iconic Empire State Building to the majestic Freedom Tower. Spanning a vast 4,000 square feet, this venue's flexible event space stands out as an adaptable canvas, primed to bring any wedding or event vision to life.

Couple this panoramic elegance with gourmet offerings, and you have a venue that's as palatable as it is picturesque.

Whether you're dreaming of a sunset wedding with the vast New York City expanse as your backdrop or a corporate event with an edge, the Antique Loft offers an ambiance that's both unique and unparalleled. The venue accommodates up to 90 guests for seated wedding dinners and can host 125 guests for a more casual reception setting.

Corporate events also find a sophisticated home here. With an open floor plan tailored for versatility, it's an ideal locale for everything from strategic business meetings to grand award ceremonies.

Perched along New Jersey's pristine coastline, Ocean Place Resort & Spa emerges as the quintessential locale for those dreaming of a waterfront celebration. Whether it's the gentle whisper of waves as a backdrop to your vows on the sand or the breathtaking panorama of the Atlantic from their outdoor patio, every moment here promises to be unforgettable.

The resort caters to a diverse range of events, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, with two resplendent ballrooms that can comfortably host anywhere from 125 to 650 guests.

While wedding festivities might take center stage, the venue's adaptability shines through in its offerings for various social events, including bridal showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, engagement parties, and milestone celebrations.

Tucked away in New Jersey's scenic landscapes, Brooklake emerges as a gem for those seeking a harmonious blend of nature's splendor with upscale amenities.

Its ballroom, with its expansive dance floor, sets the stage for memorable nights, where every twirl and step is accompanied by breathtaking views of a serene lake, captured perfectly by the large floor-to-ceiling windows. As the hues of the setting sun dance over the water, the ambiance inside only grows more enchanting.

Outdoor enthusiasts and romantics alike will find the venue's veranda a haven. Set against the tranquil backdrop of the lake, it's an idyllic spot for ceremonies or simply to soak in nature's beauty.

Beyond weddings, Brooklake's versatility shines. Whether it's a corporate outing, an industry seminar, a festive Christmas party, or a grand fundraiser, Brooklake has the facilities to make it a success.

Battello stands out as a testament to sophisticated design and celebrated with accolades like "Best of New Jersey Venues" by The Knot in consecutive years, 2014 and 2015, the venue with its high ceilings and a series of gracefully designed spaces, seamlessly merges elegance with functionality.

Whether you find yourself at one of its two contemporary bars, the entertainment-ready lounge, the intimate dining rooms, or the exclusive bridal suite, Battello is equipped to host gatherings that range from intimate affairs to grand celebrations.

Perhaps one of the venue's most striking features is its captivating views of the Manhattan skyline. Paired with its cutting-edge architectural design, these views offer a backdrop that is nothing short of electrifying. Whether it's a corporate event, a memorable wedding, or any special occasion, guests are not just attending an event; they're immersed in an experience that blends urban sophistication with the charm of waterfront views.

Accessibility is another feather in Battello's cap. Its strategic location ensures guests have a plethora of hotel and transportation options to choose from, making their journey to and from the venue both convenient and hassle-free.

Nestled in New Jersey, The Madison Hotel is a testament to the harmonious marriage of architectural heritage with contemporary sophistication. The venue exudes an unmistakable aura, presenting its guests with a mesmerizing blend of historical allure and today's comforts.

A canvas of nearly 14,000 square feet of versatile and exquisitely designed event space awaits at The Madison Hotel. This spaciousness caters to a variety of events, ensuring that each occasion is uniquely tailored to meet the vision and requirements of its host.

For those looking to celebrate love, The Madison Hotel promises a fairy-tale-like experience. Whether you envision a grand gala in the lavish Glynallynn Ballroom or a starlit dance in the ethereal Conservatory, your romantic narrative will unfold flawlessly.

However, weddings are just a facet of the experiences the hotel offers. The Madison Hotel stands as a beacon for both social and corporate events. Whether it's a corporate meeting, bar/bat mitzvah, holiday celebration, or a significant family event, the Madison Hotel caters all.

Perched amid the Watchung Mountains, The Stone House at Stirling Ridge boasts a unique melding of rustic surroundings with modern architecture. Drawing clear inspiration from the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, the venue utilizes a combination of steel, wood, and stone, much like the harmonious blending of a good wine. Its location amidst 10 acres of verdant landscapes adds an undeniably serene ambiance.

Upon entering, one is greeted by the warmth of an inviting hearth fireplace and the bustling activity of an open-concept kitchen. A notable feature is the wine tower, not just for its display but as a symbol of the venue's commitment to finer details.

The venue's array of event spaces—The Grand Ballroom, The Lodge, and The Town House—each carries a distinctive charm. Whether it's the spaciousness of The Grand Ballroom, the cozy vibe of The Lodge, or the panoramic views from The Townhouse, potential hosts are provided with a diverse set of environments to suit varying event requirements.

The Farmhouse offers a serene escape on its 10-acre property, intertwined with 330 years of rich history. This remarkable venue, the oldest known structure in Hampton, stands as a testament to time with its authentic stonework from 1685—stones that once steadied European ships on their transatlantic journeys.

The Farmhouse seamlessly melds its historical roots with modern touches. Its Grand Ballroom is a perfect exemplar of this blend, where rustic exposed beams and reclaimed barn wood meet contemporary art pieces and sparkling crystal chandeliers, creating a setting both nostalgic and elegant.

For those seeking a more intimate setting, The Hunterton Room does not disappoint. Freshly renovated, it gifts its guests with expansive views of the property, a quiet reflection of The Farmhouse's sprawling beauty.

But the true essence of The Farmhouse lies outdoors. The vast grounds and gardens, shaded by towering trees, offer not just a splendid backdrop for events, but also historical gems like the original Schoolhouse and the evocatively named Kissing Tree. Perfect for both ceremonies and photographs, the verdant outdoors encapsulate the venue's timeless allure.

New Jersey’s event venue scene has seen a new entrant that's redefining contemporary elegance: the Hudson House. Located at the picturesque terminus of Port Liberte, this restoration gem by Landmark Hospitality effortlessly combines history with modern innovation.

Sprawling across a generous 40,000 square feet and five distinct floors, the space offers much more than just a backdrop. It is an experience.

The foundation of this venue is the Felina Steak restaurant, an indulgence for those with a discerning palate. However, it's not just the culinary delights that make the Hudson House special.

For grand gatherings, the venue boasts two expansive event spaces. Each has been designed keeping in mind the sophisticated clientele, ensuring that every event, be it a corporate affair or a wedding, echoes elegance and class.

Yet, perhaps the crown jewel of Hudson House is the Stork Club Rooftop. As you ascend to this zenith, you're greeted with unparalleled views of Manhattan. Whether it's a sundowner party, a corporate mixer, or simply a night under the stars, this rooftop is sure to leave an indelible mark on your guests.

Just 20 minutes from Philadelphia, The Mansion on Main Street in Voorhees, New Jersey, is a perfect blend of city sophistication and serene ambiance. Its recent renovations flaunt lush gardens, cascading waterfalls, and elegant marble staircases.

The Rosecliff Cocktail Room boasts a chic lounge vibe, accentuated by chandeliers, a fireplace, and a patio ideal for mingling. For those desiring grandeur, the Waldorf Ballroom offers opulence for up to 360 guests. Meanwhile, the ground-level Madison Ballroom seamlessly connects to a beautiful patio, accommodating 225 guests amidst nature. Finally, the Vanderbilt Ballroom treats guests to breathtaking garden views, comfortably seating 120.

Ideal for weddings, corporate functions, or grand celebrations, The Mansion on Main Street promises an event to remember.


With a diverse range of venues on offer, every occasion finds its ideal backdrop in this Garden State.Contemplating your next grand event? Connect with our team for detailed insights on each venue.

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