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Top 10 Westlake Village Venues for Memorable Brand Activations

Brands looking to make a lasting impression know that the venue can be a significant determinant in an event's success. Westlake Village boasts an array of top-tier venues, each offering a unique experience to captivate your audience.

For marketing agencies orchestrating brand activations or product launches, these venues present an unmatched combination of luxury, accessibility, and adaptability.

Here is a list of the top 10 places to go inside Westlake or within a short driving distance. These locations are ideal for maximizing the results of your brand activation efforts.

For agencies seeking a scenic yet professional venue, Westlake Village Inn California is a top contender. The Westlake Village Inn boasts an impressive 14,000 sq ft of flexible meeting space complemented by stunning lake and garden views.

Notably situated amidst 17 lush acres adjacent to the Westlake Village Golf Course, it's perfect for events hosting up to 250 guests. To provide a deeper understanding, let's explore the two most prominent ballrooms here.

The Provence Ballroom: This gem is the most significant space at Westlake Village Inn. Its two-level auditorium comfortably seats up to 250 guests. With its large windows, vaulted ceilings, and expansive private patio, the ballroom radiates a luminous indoor/outdoor vibe.

Its backdrop of the lake and golf course is truly a spectacle, allowing for a transformative ambiance to suit any event style. The addition of a private reception lobby and an adjacent patio makes it versatile for breakout spaces or cocktail receptions.

The Lakeside Room: Here's another star attraction in the venue. Capable of seating 200 guests for a banquet, its large windows and private patio instill a sense of expansiveness. The room provides bewitching views of the lake and golf course, adaptable to varied corporate events or meetings. The accompanying outdoor patio, equipped with a fireplace, further extends its allure for breakout sessions or cocktail evenings.

Journey a bit south to discover the beauty of Southern California at Hyatt Regency Westlake. Situated a stone's throw away from iconic Malibu beaches and just an hour from the hustle of Los Angeles, it's a venue that merges tranquility with accessibility. Beyond the vistas, it's a practical choice for activations, product launches, and other events, and more, offering over 25,000 square feet of dynamic event space with dynamic event spaces.

Grand Plaza Ballroom: Being Ventura County's largest ballroom, the Grand Plaza Ballroom is Hyatt Regency Westlake's crowning jewel. This space, climatically controlled and backed with soothing background music, stands ready for corporate gatherings or brand activation ceremonies. It's vast enough to seat 450 banquet guests or house 900 cocktail enthusiasts.

Vista Ballroom: The Vista Ballroom, the newest addition to Hyatt Regency Westlake, offers 2,528 square feet of functionality. Its panoramic windows allow natural light to pour in, magnifying the picturesque waterfall views outside.

Beyond aesthetics, this space is designed for flexibility—use the entire ballroom or just a section, depending on the event size. Trust in their dedicated staff to make your brand and event activations memorable and effective.

North Ranch Country Club stands as a beacon of luxury and opulence in Southern California. Synonymous with exclusivity and prestige, the venue understands the gravity of traditions and ensures your brand activations and corporate gatherings are nothing short of perfection.

Whether your preference is for an indoor extravaganza or an al fresco celebration, North Ranch provides the flexibility for truly personalized events. With a capacity to host up to 330 guests, there's abundant space to guarantee the success of your event activation.

If lush green expanses and impeccable service are paramount to your brand's image, this country club offers the perfect amalgamation as well.

Strategically located in Thousand Oaks, Sherwood Country Club is a confluence of convenience and charm. Offering a range of environments, it's perfect for brands in Westlake Village and surrounding areas looking for that ideal event venue.

The clubhouse offers multiple banquet halls, complemented by a spacious outdoor patio suitable for dining, dancing, cocktail gatherings, nuptials, and other special occasions. Situated in Thousand Oaks, California and framed by the majestic Santa Monica Mountains, Sherwood Country Club stands as an idyllic location for unique event activations.

Slightly smaller than the previously mentioned venues but the Bamboo Room in Westlake Village offers a compelling proposition. With the ability to accommodate up to 200 individuals, the Bamboo Room is designed to keep corporate needs at the forefront. From product launches to event activations, they've got you covered.

Additionally, a range of custom packages ensures your event is tailored precisely to your specifications. It can be a perfect venue for any small event activations.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Thousand Oaks Inn & Banquet Center, where classic charm meets modern sophistication. From its versatile Ballroom to the more intimate Orchid room, this historic venue provides a unique setting tailored to various event demands. Whether it's a product activation or an event activation, here you'll find exceptional quality, value, and service seamlessly intertwined.

Tucked away in a picturesque pocket just a stone's throw from Westlake Village, the Inn & Banquet Center offers six expansive ballrooms. With inviting designs and versatile decors, it sets the stage for agencies to shape their narrative, making brand activations and corporate gatherings truly distinctive.

Step into an oasis of calm at the Palm Garden Hotel. Located within verdant gardens, it reveals 12,000 square feet of freshly revamped space, distributed across seven characteristic venues. Whether you favor an indoor atmosphere or the open embrace of an outdoor patio and garden terrace, your choices are aplenty.

Located at the heart of a serene suburban enclave near Westlake Village, the hotel promises an experience. Rely on their adept team to meticulously orchestrate every detail, ensuring your event is executed flawlessly.

Discover a venue where luxury greets nature at Los Robles Greens. Featuring an extensive 22,000 square-foot clubhouse, it offers a blend of elegant indoor and breezy outdoor spaces, complemented by cutting-edge audio-visual amenities. Every gathering, be it a close-knit business meetup or a grand corporate gala, is promised distinction.

Situated amidst lush greens and panoramic vistas, a short scenic drive from Westlake Village, it stands as a beacon for memorable events. Here, every occasion is transformed into a symphony of elegance and nature.

Encompassing a sprawling 23,000 square feet, Zachari Dunes is the canvas for your most vivid event imaginations. From intimate soirees to grand celebrations, this venue offers spaces that resonate with character. A journey away from Westlake Village, the drive is as enchanting as the destination itself.

At Zachari Dunes, every brand activation or corporate gathering evolves into a tale of grandeur. The venue, with its distinct offerings, ensures each event stands out, painting memories for all attendees.

Crafted for versatility, The Maker’s Son boasts venue options that cater to gatherings both intimate and grand. With the capacity to host up to 300 guests, it embodies exclusivity. The outdoor features, from the manicured gardens to the rustic fire pits, elevate every event.

Perched on the outskirts, a leisurely drive from Westlake Village, this venue offers more than just space; it promises an ambiance. Opting for The Maker’s Son ensures your event, big or small, resonates with unmatched elegance and charm.



Westlake Village and its immediate surroundings are a treasure trove of venues perfect for brand activations, product launches, and other significant events. From the scenic beauty of Westlake to the captivating landscapes of the nearby areas, each venue presents its unique charm, ensuring that your event will leave a lasting impression.

Whether situated directly in Westlake or just a short drive away, these venues offer unparalleled ambiance, amenities, and accessibility. When it comes to making a statement and ensuring your event stands out, Westlake and its neighboring regions unquestionably provide options that cater to every requirement and preference.

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