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Worth Keeping For a Lifetime

Scrapbooks are a fun and creative way to create lasting memories of special events. The scrapbooks supplied for the photo booth come in different sizes and styles that you can customize through our form. To start constructing their keepsake, guests simply paste down one photo strip on the page and write their message accompanying it. With all of the necessary supplies like glue, pens, and other materials needed to craft your custom memory book already provided, all that remains is to add photos and kind messages from family and friends! At the end of the night, you will be able to take home this beautiful creation with you as a reminder of an unforgettable time.


Scrapbooks are an amazing way to preserve memories, and having all the tools necessary for a fun arts and crafts session can make for an extra special photo booth experience. We offer a wide range of pens, from gel pens to thin and thick sharpies, or regular pens if you have a particular color scheme in mind. It always feels like the Scrapbook area becomes an “Arts and Crafts” table where your guests get creative and put their hearts into decorating this book for you. Other uses of these scrapbooks also include wooden guest books, vow books, anniversary albums, and memory books.  


Scrapbooking offers a unique way to keep all your special memories from a celebration in one place – and isn't just for the scrapbook connoisseur. Plus, with social media now being part of our daily lives and where influencers are styling up pictures of their celebrations, why not create your own autograph book and make sure your an album that you can keep forever. Making a scrapbook album is like taking a time machine into the past; having everyone who shared a memory and said hello scrawl their names across its pages. In addition to being part tongue-in-cheek nostalgia trip, it’s really just fun! So go ahead and get scrapbooking - and don’t forget to take plenty of pics!


With our Custom Engraved Scrapbooks, the customization is up to you. We offer 8 different design layouts to get the creative juices flowing. You can also pick the different types of wood options, size + orientation, paper colors, binding colors, and even screw colors! The choice is all yours.

choose wood options

Choose Wood Options

choose size and orientation

Choose the Size and Orientation 

choose paper color options

Choose Paper Color Options 

choose paper color options

Choose Paper Color Options 

choose screw colors

Choose Screw Colors


Custom-Engraved-Scrapbook-Wedding-Photo-Booth-Rental (5).jpg
  1. Add to your Photo Booth package

  2. Fill out the customization form 

  3. We will order (takes about 1-2 weeks)

  4. We bring to your event along with supplies

  5. Your guests fill it out and decorate

  6. You receive the Custom Engraved Scrapbook at the end of the night!


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