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Slow Motion Video Booth Confetti


Videos Are Just Better in Slow Mo

The Slow-Motion Video Booth is one of our old fan favorites. It’s a whole world in which the faster you do things, the better the slow-motion video comes out in all of its 240fps HD full-resolution glory. Our slow-motion video booth is simple to use, comes with a professional attendant to help guide you along, and creates a highly interactive experience that your guests won’t soon forget.  With our HD camera, be prepared to chest bump mid air, blow bubbles, throw confetti, make it rain with dollar bills, and even bounce on trampolines (if that's your thing). 

Our camera slows down your actions and captures those beautiful moments of hyped-up excitement you never knew existed between frames. Once the video is rendered and completed, guests can share the video with themselves via text or email.

Slow Motion setup Photobooth video activation

The Slow Motion Booth Set Up

Our Slow Motion Video Booth set up requires an 8’x8’ footprint. This is just enough space for our backdrop, massive lighting set up, and making a big mess. It can get quite messy so be ready. In addition, our clients will often combine the slow motion video booth with our photo booth as well. I mean, why not? They can share the same footprint on site so it works out. Now guests can do a Slow Mo AND a Photo. Why get one, when you can have both, am I right? This allows you and everyone attending your special event to be creative in more than one way.

Slow Motion Features

It’s your special day so why not make it memorable? Wow your guests with this unique video booth combined with several slow-motion features. Firstly, it’s all about the soundtrack. Do you want something epic sounding or something more melodic? Got your own soundtrack, we can incorporate that, too. We can brand the video with your logo and/or design as well. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, private party, or bar/bat mitzvah, your guests will receive a branded video of themselves fully loaded with special soundtrack. We will get your people moving in no time and as our hero Tony Robbins always says, “motion creates emotion!” With the slow mo video booth, emotions are always at an all time high. You can also customize the backdrop and throw in some branded props as well. Slow motion props such as bubble wands and money guns are essential to the experience.

Slow Motion Props

Did you realize that there are special props just for Slow Motion? Yes, we're talking about the ones that get really, really messy. It’s not fun to clean up, but definitely worth the fun and excitement. Props include Poppers, Confetti, Slinky’s, Bubble Guns, and other things that enhance your Slow Motion experience.

Slow Motion Props

Branded Slow Motion Video with Music

All of your individual videos will be branded with your creative design. But don’t forget, these are videos! That means adding a (licensed) soundtrack for epic slow-motion proportions. Check it out.

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Wait, what? Instant sharing of slow-motion videos? Yes! You can now text or email your video so you can post it right away. Sure, it’s a lot of extra work, but hey - if you promise to post it, we'll make it happen. 


When all is said and done, our Editing team will edit your video clips into one glorious, and cinematic ensemble

for you and your peeps to squeal over. Watch our past videos and see if you can keep a straight face.