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"Real People, Real Videos" - but at the Booth!

Take your experience to the next level & tell your story the TikTok way. Bring out your creative side and upload your video in real-time. Our Tik Tok booth is one of the best video booths that allow your guests to record and capture their raw experience live, the way they would at home on their tiktok app. 
Whether it’s selfies, photos, or just finding the expression of yourself, your guests will be sure to have a blast with this! If you want to go viral on Tik Tok or want to make original, engaging photos and videos, then our Tik Tok Booth is a great tool that can help you that done. While you can do TikTok Videos, your guests will still have the traditional option of still Photos, GIFs, Boomerang GIFs, and print outs along with the TikTok platform available. Here are some samples below: 

Bring all TikTok Capabilities to Your Event

Nowadays, we all know everyone is on the TikTok app. Forget about Facebook and even Instagram. Generation Z is leading the way by posting directly on the platform with tons of features including voice overs, dances, duets, filters, and other edits. Pair up our TikTok Booth with one of our funky backdrops or order a custom one to get people recording. You will experience the most innovative and high-quality photo booth with our amazing Tik Tok Booth technology. Giving you an experience like never before. Here is a good ol Christmas Holiday sample below:

Live TikTok Sample

Behind the Scenes TikTok Sample

tik tok booth promote brand

Let the TikTok Booth Promote Your Brand

If you want to promote your brand or company at a convention, corporate event, or product launch or just want to have your guests or fans enjoy a good time around you, the TikTok Booth is a good option. We can even brand the booth to your brand scheme to fully immerse the user in the experience like VitaCoco did for their event here in this photo.

Our Tik Tok booth comes with a 5G mobile hotspot, loads the content right then and there, and can be viewed on any device or social media platform added with built-in technology features to increase your likes, follows, and engagement. You can instantly tag yourself to the videos uploaded. 

What Can You Get from Our Tik Tok Booth?

  • Custom Logo Branding/Video Overlay

  • Props for Live Action

  • Video Recording and Photo Taking, All at the Same time

  • VIdeos are Uploaded Instantly using the Built-in TikTok

  • Adding Your Logo and Artwork to Videos

  • Videos can be Texted, Emailed, or Shared on Social Media Platforms

  • Instant Print Stations

  • Many Design Options for Your Selection

  • Curated Trending Props

  • LED Lighting Set

What’s great about our TikTok Booth is that we combine the TikTok experience with the traditional Photo Booth taking experience as well. So while some people may opt for the TikTok experience, some others may just want a good ol’ fashioned photo/gif/boomerang gif. We combine the best of both worlds so that no one feels left out. If you hire us for the TikTok booth, we will still encourage people to participate in the TikTok videos, but they do have the traditional option for still and GIFs as well like below:

3. Tik-Tok-Photo-Booth(1)
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3. Filter-Tik-Tok-Photo-Booth
press to zoom
3. Tik-Tok-Photo-Booth
press to zoom

The Set Up

Our TikTok Booth will be housed in our lovely Orb set up with beauty ring light. The Orb Booth is a full-service photo booth for today's gatherings and parties. The Orb Photo Booth combines strong hardware, an easy-to-use interface, and a sophisticated platform to provide a high-quality, contemporary photo booth + tiktok solution. Experience optimized continuous lighting with social technologies to provide your visitors with a visually spectacular and memorable experience.

the set up




online gallery

Online Gallery







on site attendant

On Site Attendant

set up delivery

Set Up & Delivery




These videos can be archived as previews or submitted to a special account we set up for the occasion. Guests may record an infinite number of videos, which can be transferred via AirDrop and Digital Sharing. Here is a video below of someone using the TikTok Booth:

Ready to catch that treaty and sassy Tik Tok experience? Get in touch with us today to find out more about our Tik Tok Booth! Our team would be delighted to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote. We can't wait to assist you in making your next Tik Tok experience unforgettable.

Additional Services + Features

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