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Interactive GC Photo Booth with Video Activation - Guests having fun at the video activation photo booth, capturing memorable moments through engaging interactions.


Bring Marketing Events to Life with GC Photo Booth’s Immersive Video Activation Experiences


“In an era where personalization is key to customer satisfaction, Video Activation facilitates bespoke experiences that resonate deeply with each individual.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, staying ahead of the curve necessitates the adoption of strategies that are not just innovative but also immersive. This is where Video Activation steps in, redefining the way brands and marketing agencies interact with their audience.

At its core, Video Activation is a potent tool in experiential marketing, utilizing interactive video booths to create personalized, dynamic content. It leverages the power of visual storytelling, allowing brands to connect with their audience on a more engaging and emotional level.

Moreover, the integration of Video Activation into your marketing campaign bolsters your brand activation strategy. As the video activations capture your audience's attention and immerse them in your brand's narrative, they organically generate buzz around your products or services. It’s a smart, interactive approach that sparks conversations and compels sharing, fostering organic growth and extending your brand's reach.

Video Activation also fuels data-driven marketing. Each interaction within the video booth yields valuable data – information that's instrumental for refining your marketing strategy, understanding your audience's preferences, and ultimately, boosting conversions.


In an era characterized by audience-centric, dynamic content, our Video Activation paradigm serves as a conduit for marketing agencies and brands to craft compelling narratives through an interplay of innovative technology and sophisticated design. Our typical video action process involves the following processes.

 INITIATION: In-depth Consultation

The trajectory of our Video Activation process commences with an exhaustive consultation to fathom your brand's ethos, your demographic segmentation, and your marketing aspirations. This enables us to customize a Video Activation blueprint that flawlessly harmonizes with your brand narrative and meets your bespoke goals.


In the subsequent phase, we guide you through the selection of the most apt Video Booth options from our extensive portfolio that align perfectly with your event and target demographic. 

Be it the 360 Video Booth, Slow Motion Video, Video Confessional, or the avant-garde Boomerang GIF Booth, we provide a variety of options to captivate your audience in a manner that resonates profoundly with them. Each booth can be tailored to reflect your brand's unique identity, thereby amplifying your brand resonance.

 IMPLEMENTATION: Set-up & Activation

Our cadre of seasoned professionals then manages the seamless deployment of the selected Video Booth at your venue. Ensuing this, we facilitate smooth activation, allowing your audience to interact with the booth, creating personalized content that augments your brand amplification.

 INSIGHT MINING: Data Collection & Analysis

Post-activation, each interaction within the booth serves as a data repository. We collect this data, dissect it, and provide you with actionable insights that facilitate the refinement of your future marketing strategies.

 FINAL PROCUREMENT: Content Delivery

Lastly, we furnish the high-quality, dynamic content generated in the booth, ready for deployment in your marketing initiatives, social media channels, or any other promotional endeavors.


Capture the essence of your brand from every perspective with our 360 Video Booth. The spinning arm circles to record all details, offering a comprehensive view of your event, product, or service.

Preserve each moment in stunning detail with our Slow Motion Video Booth. With a recording speed of 240fps, every micro-expression and subtle nuance is captured, amplifying the emotional impact of a brand narrative.

Shift away from traditional testimonials with our Video Confessional Booth. By capturing genuine, emotional narratives, you get an unparalleled insight into your customer's journey, enhancing your brand's human connection.

Add an extra layer of excitement to your visual content with our VFX design implementation. Transform regular videos into stunning visual narratives, filled with captivating effects that make your brand stand out.

Make your event unforgettable with our GIF Booth. Allow your audience to create dynamic GIFs, adding a touch of fun and creativity to your brand experience.

GIF 1.gif

Our professional event videography services capture every moment with an artistic and professional touch, helping you document and share your brand’s special events.

Interactive Photo Booth Experience for Event Videography

Immerse your audience in a whole new reality with our 360 Green Screen Video Activation. Create custom backgrounds and scenarios that highlight your brand, providing an unforgettable, interactive experience.

Amplify your experiential marketing impact with our 8 feet and 13 feet TrackStar 360 Activation. This service presents a personalized backdrop configuration, meticulously curated to augment the 360 Photo Booth experience. The diverse sizes cater to an array of venue dimensions, guaranteeing optimal space optimization. The TrackStar 360 Activation through GC Photo Booth doesn't merely enrich the visual allure of your event but also intensifies your brand's visual resonance.

360 Trackstar Activation - Step into the Fun Zone with GC Photo Booth


The journey of brand activation is one best navigated with a partner who understands your brand's narrative, values, and ambitions. GC Photo Booth stands as that reliable partner, offering a unique blend of technological prowess, innovative solutions, and industry-specific knowledge. Here's why partnering with us for Video Activation makes strategic sense for your brand:

Industry-Leading Innovation As pioneers in the field of Video Activation, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Our innovative video booth options, coupled with features like 360 Green Screen, VFX and GIF creation, allow you to stay ahead of the curve and consistently deliver unique experiences to your audience.

Customized SolutionsAt GC Photo Booth, we believe in bespoke strategies. We understand that each brand has a unique story, which is why we offer tailored Video Activation solutions that perfectly align with your brand's ethos and objectives.

Data-Driven Decision Making  Our Video Activation strategy isn't just about creating engaging experiences; it's also about providing actionable insights. Through our data collection at video booths and analysis, we help you understand your audience better and refine your marketing strategy for maximum impact.

On the other hand, Post-event analytics also form an essential part of our comprehensive service. By tracking key metrics such as the volume of content shared from the event and the interactions it stimulates, we help you understand the impact of your activation. The integration of event-specific hashtags and Google Analytic tracking codes enables a deep dive into real-time data and engagement patterns.

Comprehensive Service​  From initial consultation and booth selection to seamless setup, activation, and final content delivery, we handle every aspect of the Video Activation process. This end-to-end service allows you to focus on what matters most: your brand and your audience. Our team of on site engineers are there to ensure a smooth execution. If there are any issues that arise, our team will be able to troubleshoot and fix on the spot. We don’t just hire random brand ambassadors to run the show, we run the show personally.

Turnkey Solutions for Rent  Rent our equipment for days, weeks, or even months at a time as you travel location to location on your tour. Our equipment is easily transportable and operable with minimal supervision (as long as there is no printing = pain). We have teams in every major city who are able to assist with setup on site or handle the event itself. Whether you want us to handle everything from A-Z, simply set up, or hand off the entire piece and ship it to you- our team of professionals are able to accommodate


With a rich legacy of orchestrating successful Video Activation campaigns, GC Photo Booth is a trusted partner for brands looking to make a profound impact through experiential marketing. A glimpse into our portfolio reveals our versatile approach and proven expertise:

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At GC Photo Booth, we are humbled to have collaborated with numerous brands, bringing their vision to life through innovative Video Activation. Here are a few words from our esteemed clients:

Elijah S.
Director of Marketing

GC Photo Booth's 360 Video Booth elevated our fashion event to new heights. The quality of content and engagement was beyond our expectations. Their professionalism and commitment to delivering a unique brand experience make them our go-to partner for future events

Marco L.
Event Coordinator

We were blown away by the Slow Motion Video Booth at our sports event. GC Photo Booth's team captured moments that told our story in a way we hadn't thought possible. Their work contributed immensely to the event's success and generated valuable content for our promotional activities

Susan K.
Brand Manager

Innovative and professional, GC Photo Booth played a pivotal role in the successful launch of our product. Their 360 Green Screen Booth was a hit, creating a flurry of user-generated content that amplified our brand visibility online. We look forward to more such collaborations.

Set a New Benchmark in Brand Activation with GC Photo Booth

Reach out to us today to discuss how our innovative approach to video activations can fulfill your clients' objectives, or to arrange a detailed consultation.

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